How to check, measure, and read superheat and subcooling on a central air conditioner unit. In this video I do not go into the details of superheat and subcooling, the science behind it and how it works. This is not a troubleshooting or diagnosing video, I simply show how to measure it and provide the simple formula needed to calculate the superheat and subcooling values.
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Testo Digital Manifold Kit:
Ball Valve Hoses:
Low Loss Hoses:
Imperial Tool Vaporizer:
Yellow Jacket Vaporizer:
Fieldpiece Pipe Temp Clamp:
Fieldpiece Charge Kit:
Infrared Thermometer Gun:
Brass Valve Caps:
Thread Sealer:
Refrigerant Weight Scale:
Fish Weight Scale:
UEi Probe Thermometer:
UEi Folding Thermometer:
UEi DL379B Multimeter:
Amprobe Psychrometer:
Supercool Slide Rule:
5 Star Kershaw Blur Knife:
Foil Tape:
Plumbers' Putty:
CLC Handyman Gloves:
CLC Kneeling Pad:
CLC Tool Bag:
Magnetic Pivoting Flashlight:
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