I Bought 10 Of The CHEAPEST Massage Guns On Amazon | Are they any good?

Is it worth it to buy a budget massage gun, or do you save your pennies and buy a Premium Massage Gun? Do I find a diamond in the rough? That’s what we explore today! #massgegun #hypervolt #theragunpro


0:00 - Intro
2:15 - A Premium Gun?
3:25 - Joylifeel
5:32 - Snaillax
7:21 - Dicfeos
8:22 - The real bottom feeder
10:00 - Captain America
11:48 - Cansou
13:25 - Phum Gun
15:00 - Carbon Fiber Goodness
16:03 - The Diamond in The Rough/The M9 Pro
18:15 - Fiiho
19:50 - Who Wins
20:17 - So what do I recommend?
21:47 - The Best Budget Gun/ The one I'll keep.
23:52 - The sign off.

Thanks to RECOVERFUN for sending me their massage gun and Inspiring this episode. Buy the RECOVERFUN Plus here - https://bit.ly/RECOVERFUNPLUS

All 10 of these guns at the time of Purchase were under $50.

My #1 Pick - https://bit.ly/M9-pro

Here's the full list of massage guns from this video.
- https://kit.co/BrandonTalbot/youtube-massage-gun-comparison

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