Lead Splitting: Improve Your Lead Quality! | Rent A Website Today!

Lead Splitting: Improve Your Lead Quality! | Rent A Website Today!


The marketing landscape is always changing. What worked one year for successful leads might be completely outdated by the next. Can you believe there was a time when cold calling was king? You might not want more leads, instead you want better-quality leads. As an inbound marketing agency, we specialise in creating engaging inbound strategies for businesses which improve high-quality leads. In ecommerce, if someone has the money to buy a product, they can make that purchase right on the site. One person’s money is just as good as the next. Once the sale is made, revenue is tracked and, if all is set up properly, is attributed right back to the initial ad click.

Lead generation leaves the door open for anyone to convert on the initial lead conversion stage, regardless of their actual ability to buy the end product. Because of this, we need to develop strategies to target higher quality leads and deter unqualified users from filling out our forms. When working on improving lead quality, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll also lower the number of leads you’re generating. Ideally, the number of quality leads is going up as overall leads declines. This means you’re avoiding the lower quality leads that are easier to come by, and instead are generating higher quality leads.

There are different ways to measure lead quality, but one simple and effective lead quality metric is your conversion rate from lead to customer. A conversion rate indicates that the leads you're generating are high-quality because a high percentage of those leads are becoming customers. A low lead-to-customer conversion rate suggests that you're not getting the right leads, even if you're getting a lot of them. Most B2B companies (and their sales teams) always clamor for \