Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd Debt Collectors | Do Not Pay Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd Debt Collectors

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Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd Debt Collectors | Do Not Pay Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd Debt Collectors


If at any time you have had debts that you have not paid, then unfortunately you may have been victim to some of the various collection tactics used by Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd today.

A simple fact in today’s climate, debt collectors have got a lot more aggressive and in many documented cases, clearly breached the law in bullying and pressurising the vulnerable.

Are you right now, afraid to answer the unrecognised number ringing your mobile, reply to the threatening text messages demanding you pay, or receiving ridiculous red coloured letters, saying if you don’t pay you are going to jail!

They are an important authority which operates in the UK to protect vulnerable people, who may be targeted by untrustworthy businesses. The FCAs debt collection rules and guidance outlines the standards which authorised companies that work within the debt recovery and collection industry must follow. Without doing so, they are considered unfit to work as a debt collector.

The FCA states that Hoist Portfolio is not able to claim unfair or excessive collection charges, they can’t harass you or threaten to seize your property and they can’t bypass an appointed representative and contact you directly. Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited does not have the legal powers to overrule the FCAs guidelines and they also stop collectors from threatening legal action which is not likely to come to fruition.

There are many concerning practices reported over the years from many debt collection companies including:

- Speaking about your debt with family members or employers
- Calling you at work without prior arrangement or if you’ve instructed them to refrain from doing so
- Calling out of normal business hours
- Urging you to borrow more money in order to clear debt
- Ignoring appointed representatives and contacting you directly
- Sending letters which appear to be official court documents
- Withholding information about your account
- Lying about legal powers
- Adding extortionate charges to debt
- Continuing to demand payment when debt is statute barred

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